AFL with Kahoot and Plickers


Discovering Kahoot last year transformed my classroom and the way I use online student response systems. Whereas most systems have students glued to their screens, Kahoot allows students to interact with the teacher, with the class screen and use their iPads to make selections.

There has been a real game show, competitive element to lessons where students are celebrating getting things right, with the opportunity to respond and reflect on their answers in discussion with their teacher.

For teachers, it is so easy to see where the learning gaps are in your classroom and using the results options on the website informs planning for subsequent lessons. Kahoot does require strict rules in order for your class to enter their actual names, rather than nicknames and to keep the noise and joviality at a reasonable level, although it is great to see students celebrating success. To create a teacher account go to

Whilst I wait for our year 7 classes at St Wilfrid’s to get their iPads, Plickers has been a great way to show them the power of new technology and to assess the understanding of my class very quickly. Plickers is a fast and easy way to get instant feedback from the entire class using a paper and technology based voting system. From the Plickers website you can download a class set of voting cards for your students to respond to a multiple-choice question.

By scanning their cards with the Plickers app, you are then able to see your students’ results. This is great for the end of a lesson where you want to assess student understanding, in order to plan for future lessons.

An example of a question could be: “Who feels confident that they could write a speech using effective persuasive devices?”

Multiple choice answers could be: Fully confident, quite confident, slightly confident, not confident.

In the space of two minutes you will have a visual representation of the confidence of your class and can plan what you will do to raise the confidence of those who need extra help.

More information can be found at


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