New Tech’ Breakfast – Behaviour 4 Learning with iPads

Technology with tasty food – a great combination.

Last year I stated an informal CPD drop in session for teachers at St Wilfrid’s. The New Tech’ Breakfast is all about offering teachers quick and purposeful ideas to use in their classroom to integrate iPad technology that does not need to take over the entire lesson. This week we looked at behaviour and routines.

How do we get students engaged at the start of a lesson or even before they walk in? My suggestion is QR codes. As a student waits to come into your lesson, why not put a QR code on the door linking to a video, image or a Padlet wall where they can respond to a discussion topic before they even sit down. Through Apple TV this can then be displayed in the board for all of the class to see and collaborate in. 

How do we monitor student activity on their iPads? By using Apple TV, teachers really can be free and mobile around the classroom, even when explaining tasks or using student response systems such as Kahoot. This mobility allows the teacher to stand at the back of the classroom and see what students are looking at on their devices. This does require clear direction from the teacher, who needs to instruct the class to listen to their voice but look at the class shared screen.

For more info on how to use, or how I use Apple TV, click here:

Here are some simple tips that have helped me in my classroom:



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