Roll Up, Roll Up for Our iPad Roll Out

Students taking control of their learning

This Monday saw the hall at St Wilfrid’s packed with conscientious parents for our Year 7 information evening and iPad consultation. This event is key to my role in informing parents of our intentions and commitments involving education facilitated through mobile devices. Should the night be a success, we will be rolling out another lot of iPads for students in two months. 

The key term that I kept repeating was ‘Students taking control of the learning’; the fundamental idea, I think, that can transform learning and have an impact on progress. Whether it be improving metacognition and decision making by students, self guided learning or flipping the classroom, students have a world of information and resources at their fingertips. It is up to us as teachers to give routes and guidance to the right information and help them find their way.  

A big change I have introduced this year will be supervising all the year 7 devices and managing their access to apps. Our intention is to switch apps off after 9pm, giving parents peace of mind and helping with the challenges of eSafety. More information on what our scheme at St Wilfrid’s is all about can be found here: 


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