Using Technology to Facilitate Verbal Discussion – Giving Every Student a Voice.

This morning at Saint Wilfrid’s Academy in Blackburn I presented the first in a new series of New Tech breakfast meetings. This series is looking at interactive response systems and how they can transform the classroom. To be able to get ideas from every student in the classroom is extremely powerful if used in purposeful and meaningful ways.

In being able to get the views of every student in the classroom, rather than the select few who put up their hands or those that the teacher pick, as a teacher you can delve deeper into questioning, using answers that you may not have received without the use of technology. I use Socractive a lot to do this. The ad-hoc feature of asking students for a short response allows me to see all students’ views and then share those views with the entire class, using the vote button put into the app.

The questioning develops when the teacher picks  a students’ response and gets the writer of it, or other class members to elaborate on it in a basket balling type of technique. This has made discussion times in the classroom more sophisticated and meaningful. Check out the Socrative app and the ad-hoc features it offers. Plickers is another great app to facilitate verbal discussion. Although, this time you will have to print off some voting cards for your class and question the students after a multiple choice question.